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Penis monology

ISBN: 978-80-905550-2-0
JAZYK: čeština
AUTOR: Michal Dunda,

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„Co by ženy měly vědět, ale muži nechtějí říkat.“ Provokativní text odhalující mužskou chloubu i s příslušenstvím. Odtabuizovává nejintimnější témata aneb Kam by šel váš penis, kdyby se mohl na chvíli utrhnout? Co by váš penis nechtěl vidět, kdyby se v pochvě rozsvítilo? Penis monology je pánská odpověď z Evropy na Vagína monology Eve Enslerové, zpracovaná na podestě výpovědí mužů schopných podat nečekaná svědectví „o něm“, mužské sexualitě i androgenním vztahu k ženám. Přesněji řečeno; o těle obtěžkaném koženým přívěskem a prokleté parádě mezi nohama. Poeticky psaný text je přesně takový, jaký má být; zaujme, potěší a neuráží. Za přispění textů od známých osobností kniha boří snad poslední existující tabu. Autoři dokazují, že penis umí být otevřenější než cokoli jiného.

...yers pay just $0.99 + 5%, including delivery and credit card processing ... The Penis Monologues: | Black Cultural Events ... . Post your event for ... In Messiah Equiano's The Penis Monologues, they have plenty to say; with topics that address a variety of subjects from promiscuity to STDS to commitment-phobia to interracial dating, the show, a "direct response" to The Vagina Monologues, is designed to highlight the male experience featuring universal issues that affect men from all backgrounds. How 'The Penis Monologues' Challenges China's Toxic Masculinity. The ... Penis Memories - YouTube ... . How 'The Penis Monologues' Challenges China's Toxic Masculinity. The all-male cast of the subversive play speaks to Sixth Tone about igniting frank conversations about sex and manhood in a deeply patriarchal country. The Penis Monologues "The Long Hard Truth" most talked about play in 2018 is back stirring up emotions of truth from men's perspective Saturday, May 19, 2018 at 8pm and Sunday, May 20, 2018 at 5pm ... The Penis Monologues. 156 likes. A semi-improvised journey that delves into the heart of contemporary man's unmanly revelations. How China's Penis Monologues are trying to detoxify masculinity Male counterpart to The Vagina Monologues aims to challenge traditional Chinese gender stereotypes and tackle domestic violence THE PENIS MONOLOGUES. ... Willard Manus apparently felt that Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues required a satirical riposte but then decided to expand the piece to serve as a "liberating force ... Fang hopes The Penis Monologues will prompt more heterosexual Chinese men to reexamine the ways they approach and treat women. "I want to reflect on and criticize the violence of men against women, and promote gender equality from a male perspective," Fang told Sixth Tone, an online publication covering the uncommon stories of common Chinese people. However, the largest penis was not rated as the most attractive in all reports. What we find with respect to the conception that females will choose the largest penis, is an ambiguous preference to the length of the penis. Future studies interested with explaining penis length preferences need to be explored further. Chicago playwright Messiah Equiano's popular play 'The Penis Monologues' has become a hit in Chicago, so he's taking it on tour as he explains why women enjoy it more than men. The 'Penis Monologues takes you on a journey of ten phenomenal men who will leave you spellbound in their raw, riveting portrayals of these real stories, stirring up emotions of truth from men's perspective This play will make you laugh, cry and celebrate the true essence of a man, as you will see them like never before! This Is The Kind Of Dirty Talk That Men ACTUALLY Like. 62 shares + 62 ... if we both know that we're not talking about a record-breaking penis here. ... dirty monologues to be grounded in some ... Hopefully, it will put the PENIS back at the head of the table where it belongs and give us men back our balls.This then, is a HUMOROUS account of the grandeur of man's PENIS, and why it is envied by women throughout the world. Jimmy Kimmel explains why Oscar is the ultimate Hollywood male role model in #Oscars opening monologue. ... Male Role Model in Hollywood Because He Has No Penis. By ... word and no penis at all." ... This show promises to be a funny, eye-opening collection of original monologues looking at the Penis from every angle imaginable! Sorry for that visual. The Penis Monologues will be the must-see-show of the year with hilarious - and moving - insights written and performed by men....